Reminder Emails

You can trigger a message or message series in Bronto when a cart is abandoned in Magento. You can personalize and dynamically populate messages with product information for both registered and guest abandons. Guest abandonment emails can be triggered without guest checkout enabled on the site.

Automatically trigger email reminders to consumers who have not purchased the items on their wish list within a given time period.

How does the abandoned cart work?
A cart is considered abandoned once an item has been added to the cart. If no update is made to the cart, the customer will be sent an abandoned cart message after the rule has been met. The rule is checked at the time of send to ensure that customers who have completed their purchase are not sent abandoned cart messages.

When a guest customer enters their email address into an email textbox on the site (class name must contain > validate-email), their email address is captured in a cookie. The cookie name is bmec. The cookie will expire in 365 days unless otherwise specified in the settings under System > Configuration > Bronto > Reminder Emails.

A customer can only receive one email per cart, per rule. A customer can be sent another abandoned cart message if they complete their purchase or clear all items from their cart and start again.

You can view current abandoned carts for registered customers by navigating in Magento to Reports > Shopping Cart > Abandoned carts. Currently there is no way to view guest abandoned carts.

1. Create an abandoned cart email

  1. In Bronto, go to Messages > Email Messages.
  2. Click Create New Message.
  3. Click Create Email Message in the popup.
  4. Create a Message Name, select a Message Folder and select HTML (Code Editor) as the Email Message Type.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Add a subject and body.
    Sample email template: Click here for an abandoned cart message template.
    Email variables: Click here for a list of suggested abandoned cart message variables.
  7. Click Save & Close.

2. Request transactional approval

  1. Go to Messages > All Messages.
  2. Search for and select the abandoned cart message.
  3. Click Request Approval.
    Note: The email message will need to be approved by support. This can take up to 48 hours.

3. Enable the module

  1. In Magento, go to System > Configuration.
  2. In the left menu, scroll until you see Bronto and click Reminder Emails.
  3. In the Settings section, these are the recommended settings:
    Enable Module: Yes
    Allow Sending Reminder Yes
    Log Deliveries Yes
    Log Deliveries Fields Yes
    Use Magento Cron: Yes
    Frequency: Minute Intervals
    Interval: 15 minutes
    Start Time: 0 0 0
    Maximum Emails per Run: 100
    Email Send Failure Threshold: 5
    Reminder Email Sender: General Contact
    Email Capture Input Field CSS Selector(s) input.validate-email
    Email Capture Cookie Lifetime: 30


  4. Optional: Configure exclusion lists. You can exclude sending for customers on selected list(s). Under current configuration scope, select the desired site.

    Scroll down and select the list(s) in Bronto that you would like to exclude from sending.
  5. Click Save Config.

4. Verify the Cron is running for Scheduled Import

Check the schedule date and confirm it is today’s date.
NOTE: The table will remain empty until the cron has completed its first run.

5. Add the Reminder Rule in Magento

  1. Go to Promotions > Bronto Email Reminders.
  2. Click Add New Rule.
  3. Add a Rule Name.
  4. Optional: Select a coupon.
    Note: Use API tag %%#couponCode%% within your message in Bronto. You are responsible for ensuring the Shopping Cart Price Rule is active and valid, or else it may appear blank.
  5. Optional: Select a product recommendation.
    Note: Inject related product content into this message. Recommendations are created in Promotions » Bronto Product Recommendations.
  6. Select a send limit for the email.
  7. Click Rule Conditions.
  8. Click + and select Shopping Cart.
  9. Click to add the interval.
    Note: Rules must be at least 30 minutes.
  10. Click Bronto Settings.
  11. Select a message to send from Bronto.

    Sender Authentication: Will sign your message with DomainKeys/DKIM, optimizing your message delivery to Hotmail, MSN, and Yahoo! email addresses.
    Fatigue Override: The delivery can be sent even if it exceeds the frequency cap settings for a customer.
    Reply Tracking: Will store a copy of all replies to your messages on the Replies page within the Bronto platform.
  12. Click Save.

Avoid Trouble: If your reminder emails are not being triggered, even though the module is enabled and the conditions are configured and set to run on Magento Cron, check the following things:

    • Make sure that the Status is set to Active in the Rule Information tab.
    • Check that there are no extra conditions set that are inhibiting general cart abandonment (e.g. items subsection, cart subtotal, etc.)
    • The Magento Cron will trigger the messages at the end of the cart is Abandoned trigger in the Conditions, and after the allotted Cron schedule.
      Example: Cart is flagged as Abandoned after 30 minutes (shortest possible abandon duration).  Cron is set to run every 15 minutes.  The earliest this Abandoned cart message can be triggered is 45 minutes after customer abandons a cart.
    • To force the Cron to run, switch Frequency to daily.


1. Add items to your cart

  1. Add items to your cart as a guest or a registered user.
  2. As the abandoned user, do not visit the cart page again until the rule is met. Rules are located under Promotions > Bronto Email Reminders.
    TIP: You can check to see how long your cart has been abandoned by navigating to Reports > Shopping Cart > Abandoned Cart.
  3. Either wait for the cron to run, or go to Promotions > Bronto Reminder Emails and select the rule in which you are attempting to meet.
  4. On the left pane, click Matched Customers.
  5. Click Match Now.
  6. To send the email click Send Now.

    Note: You can see what fields were present in the message by click Show in the Fields column.

2. Verify the email was sent.

Verify the email contains recommendations.

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