Making REST Calls

REST allows you to make simple HTTP requests using calls from a client to a server in order to work with your Bronto data. The base URI for our REST API is

Our API supports the following Methods:

  • GET: Used to view or read data already stored in Bronto. If you plan on updating data, particularly in the Order Service, it is a good idea to GET the data first in order to ensure your updates won’t have unintended consequences.
  • POST: Primarily used to add new content, though some Order Service calls also use POST to manipulate existing content.
  • PUT: Used to make changes to existing content.
  • DELETE : Used to remove content from Bronto. Because Bronto’s data is used in so many different scenarios, it is important to always give careful consideration to the impact of a DELETE before performing it.

You can use any language to interact with our REST API. We provide code samples for each call in PHP and Java and our Product Service also provides Python examples.

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