The Bronto extension helps Magento 1 customers to drive more sales faster by creating highly targeted lifecycle marketing campaigns that convert one-time buyers into repeat customers and motivate them to buy more.

Key Features of the Extension

Order Import with Conversion Tracking
Seamlessly import past-purchase information, including complete order history and product details, for more informed and more targeted marketing campaigns. Conversion tracking is automatically handled without the need for additional code snippets.

Product Recommendations
Insert recommended products into email messages with either API tags or content tags. API tags allow you to insert recommendations into transactional, reminder and review request emails sent via the Bronto Extension. These are based on the contents of your order or cart and can include the following: Related Products, Cross-sells, Up-sells, Recently Viewed, New Products, Bestsellers, Most Viewed, Custom Products. With content tags, you can insert recommended products into any message in Bronto and these can include the following: New Products, Bestsellers, Most Viewed and Custom Products.

Contact Import
Map customer information collected on your Magento site to contact fields in Bronto and automatically import the data. In addition to default customer attributes, this can include Reward Points, Store Credit, Customer Group, and even custom customer attributes.

RFM Metrics
In Bronto, auto-calculate RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value) metrics for contacts based on the full order history from Magento. This includes Average Order Value, Total Revenue and others. Use these values for improved segmentation.

Abandoned Cart Reminders
Trigger a message or message series in Bronto when a cart is abandoned in Magento—for both registered and guest abandons—personalize and dynamically populate messages with product information.

Wish List Reminders
Automatically trigger email reminders to consumers who have not purchased the items on their wish list within a given time period.

Transactional Emails
Send transactional messages, such as order and shipping confirmations, directly through Bronto for maximum control over deliverability and detailed performance metrics. Easily change the look and feel of a message, and add cross- and up-sell offers, without having to involve a developer.

Newsletter Opt-In
Automatically add contacts who opt-in for marketing emails on your Magento site to Bronto and keep their subscription status up-to-date.

Post-Purchase Review Requests, Care Notifications and Reorder Reminders
Send follow-up product review request, care tips and reorder reminder emails to your customers a set number of days after purchasing, including all product details for strong personalization.

Insert and Automatically Apply Coupon Codes
Include Magento coupons in both transactional and reminder emails. Simply select the Shopping Cart Price Rule and a code will automatically be inserted when the message is sent. You can also have the coupon code automatically applied to the customer’s shopping session when a visited URL contains a certain query parameter.

Coupon Manager Integration
Easily integrate with Bronto’s separate Coupon Manager app, where you can easily create, manage and distribute unique coupon codes via email or SMS for highly targeted, revenue-generating campaigns. Coupon Manager even allows you to add the unique coupon code as a query parameter on links so the Magento extension can automatically apply the promotion after clicking through. This integration allows redeemed coupons to be tracked within Coupon Manager for advanced revenue reporting and segmentation capabilities within Bronto.

Pop-up Manager Integration
Easily integrate with Bronto’s separate Pop-up Manager app, where you can manage multiple versions, perform A/B testing, and customize the design of your pop-up sign-ups in a visual editor.

Cart Recovery Integration
Easily integrate with Bronto’s separate Cart Recovery app, simplifying the setup needed within Bronto, to get you capturing carts and recovering more revenue more quickly.

Configuration Guide
Provides interactive assistance for getting up and running. They are packed with helpful information so even a pro might learn something from them.

Support for Multiple Stores
Managing multiple stores in Magento? Easily change configuration settings and map data from multiple stores to separate accounts in Bronto.

Announcements & News
Stay informed of new releases and other important announcements right within the Magento Admin Panel so you can take advantage of the latest and greatest functionality.

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