SOAP Authentication

Before you can use our SOAP API reference library to interact with Bronto’s API you will need to enable API access using the platform and set up authentication that you can use to log in. API tokens act as an authentication and control object, and are similar to users. To set up your tokens using the platform:

1. Go to Home->Data Exchange.
2. Click Add Access Token.
3. Make sure the token has Read, Write and Send permissions.

Log In

All API calls require the existence of an active, authenticated session. The function login() is used to create such a session. You pass an API token to login as credentials to authenticate your access. Upon successful authentication, a sessionId is returned.

The sessionId is a unique id used to identify an API session. API sessions become inactive if no calls are made for 20 minutes. Multiple sessions can be created for a single API token; If you wish to create a threaded application we recommend you create multiple sessions rather than reuse a single session in several threads. Successive calls to login() create a new session with no affect on previously created sessions.